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Professional Writer for Software Companies

I am a senior technical writer, copywriter and instructional designer for the software industry with over 8 years of experience working for well-established companies. I enjoy learning new software, technology and meeting new people. I am a very well-rounded person and can fit in well with your team. My background includes international experience working with software developers, testers, project managers, and business analysts.

Technical writing is one of my passions. I enjoy helping people learn software to help increase productivity on the job while decreasing technical support calls saving companies money.

I can easily understand complex software, products and services. I write clear and concise documentation, training and marketing materials such as user guides, training, and sales letters.

If you need a technical writer, copywriter or instructional designer, and you would like to discuss how I can create professional documentation, training or marketing materials for your next project, please email me at I am committed to the success of every project. My office is setup to telecommute for projects anywhere.

Contact me to view my private website at My Portfolio page shows some technical writing, instructional design and copywriting samples.